About Us

Miss Confident's mission is to help growing girls feel good about themselves! Founded by Brooke W, a local resident and mom of Teen girls, Brooke knows firsthand the challenges of finding good-quality, stylish clothing that she and her daughters can agree on.

Miss Confident offers a wide selection of SPECIAL OCCASION wear, a fun & comfy CASUAL collection and GIFTS for Tween & Teen girls. 

Whether you're searching for a fashionable dress, jumpsuit or a comfy casual outfit, we offer a variety of styles to ensure that every girl (and her grownup!) has a fun shopping experience at Miss Confident!

Be Curious! 
Smile Lots!
Spread Kindness!

Miss Confident is proud to support local organizations that provide educational, leadership and empowerment opportunities for girls and young women. 

Come visit Miss Confident located at 17 Danbury Rd (Girolametti Court), Ridgefield, Connecticut