Holiday Gift Guide '23

Holiday Gift Guide Tweens & Teens

Now that the much-anticipated holiday season has arrived, read on for great gift ideas for all the tweens and teens on your list! From glamour-girl favs to trendy jewelry and cozy sweaters & pjs, we have a wide selection of gifts Tweens & Teens are sure to love! 

Smiley Faces

Smiley faces are as popular as ever and such a cheerful trend!

A dainty necklace will go with any outfit, but it’s even more fun when it has a smiley face—you can also take it to the next level with matching earrings! A smiley sweater and beanie are a perfect (and cheerful) way to fight off the Winter chill.

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Stars & Bolts

Celestial patterns can add an otherworldly element to any gift. Keep it cozy with lightning-bolt fuzzy pants or bedazzle an outfit with a star crystal-stud headband! Lightning Bolt studs or Lightning Bolt charm huggie earrings are sure to please. A cell phone bag with a starry strap makes for a fun and on-trend accessory! 

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DIY & Crafts

Craft projects are a perfect gift for any creative tween or tween. A staff favorite, the desktop snowman kit is perfect for the holidays! Girly girls will love a make-your-own lip gloss kit, or a DIY neon sign can (literally) brighten any room. Whether it’s journaling, drawing, or coloring, glitter gel pens are a wonderful gift for artistic Tweens & Teens. 

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Glamour Girl

Any makeup-lover will cherish an eye and cheek palette or an adorable nail polish set. “Guac and Roll” hypoallergenic earrings are as cute as they are comfortable,  and a Pura Vida mood necklace features a trendy clip chain and changes colors (anyone remember mood rings?!). 

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Girl On-the-Go

Bags and wallets are a convenient (and cute!) gift for a girl on-the-go. A cozy cosmetic bag is a must-have for travel and a glitter wallet is a pinktastic accessory for girls going out and about. A cinnamon-colored sherpa crossbody captures all the warm-and-fuzzy feelings of the holidays, or the mini classic purse pairs fantastically with holiday outfits! 

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Room Décor

Decorating their room is a must for girls finding and expressing their own style! A rainbow mood light or light-up neon speech bubble can add color and style to any room. A mini mirror ball is the gift for any girl who loves sparkle. Or, a tie-dye message board adds a colorful touch and is so fun to customize! 

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Spa & Bath

For the girl who loves to unwind with a spa day, how about an adorable Winter Wonderland bath bomb or Bubble Pop? Customer-favorite Aromatherapy shower steamers are an amazing gift for bestowing fragrant relaxation. Or, a daisy eye mask is perfect for girls who treasure their beauty rest!

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